Curriculum and Instruction


The mission of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction is to produce reflective professional educators who make effective educational decisions that support the creation of dynamic learning environments. Teacher Education, one of the major programs at the University, emphasizes broad general education as a foundation for mastery of teaching skills and specialized knowledge in academic discipline. The primary purpose of teacher education is to prepare highly qualified teachers for employment in Texas and the nation. The goal of the department is to develop teachers who:

  1. possess appropriate knowledge and abilities in specific content areas or teaching fields;
  2. communicate effectively with students, parents, and other professionals;
  3. apply the principles of instructional planning in the development of curriculum;
  4. use effective teaching practices;
  5. formally and informally evaluate student performance and use results of such assessment in the instructional decision-making process;
  6. promote critical thinking and participatory citizenship;
  7. are skilled in the use of instructional technology;
  8. are proficient in mathematical skills;
  9. operate within the legal guidelines and uphold the ethics of the teaching profession;
  10. demonstrate concern for students' general welfare; and
  11. are committed to continued professional growth and development.

The mission of the Graduate Program in Curriculum & Instruction is to provide a relevant, research-based curriculum that develops the capacity for leadership through mastery of knowledge, effective communication, collaboration, inquiry, and decision-making to insure learner success. The Master of Education Degree in Curriculum and Instruction prepares students to identify, evaluate, and investigate best practice in the field of curriculum and instruction. The degree prepares educators who aspire to attain positions such as curriculum coordinator, academic department head, reading specialist, technology director, mentor teacher, community college faculty or clinical adjunct faculty in higher education. High school teachers who teach dual enrollment courses or advanced placement courses may also choose to pursue this degree.

Meet Your Faculty


Photo of Dr.  Shelley Harris

Dr. Shelley Harris
Chair, Department of Curriculum and Instruction


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Dr. Amanda Allen
Associate Professor


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Dr. Elizabeth Casey
Associate Professor